Dolphin Seafaris has been organising this adventure since 1990, giving you the chance to experience unique and special moments in contact with the marine wildlife.
The experienced and friendly team invite you to come along with your family and friends and embark upon this journey to explore the Algarve coast. Discover mysterious caves and majestic cliffs and share the magical experience of watching dolphins in their natural habitat.
During your unforgettable boat trips in the Algarve you may be lucky enough to see various species of fish, seabirds or even marine turtles.
Also special is the adrenaline rush that you get from spending the day fishing aboard a vessel which is fully equipped for sports fishing in the Algarve.

Location of Dolphin Seafaris
Lagos Marina 5, Lagos

Contacts for Dolphin Seafaris
Telephone: (+351) 282 798 727


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