Sailing up the River Arade on a boat trip aboard the Barca Arade is without doubt a surprising and enriching experience.
The Barca Arade was built to the strict instructions of the Maritime Museum so that it would be a replica of the vessels that sailed the river in the 15th century.
Nowadays, it is master João Venâncio who takes you on a three-and-a-half hour excursion from Portimão to Silves. The distance covered is approximately 15 km and you will have an hour and a half at leisure in Silves to fall in love with what was once the capital of the kingdom.
Along the way, you can admire the River Arade and learn about the abundant history along its banks from a unique perspective and enriched by the knowledge and good humour of the captain.

Where to board the Barca Arade
Boarding is at the quay next to the Clube Náutico de Portimão

Contacts for Barca Arade
Mobile phone: (+351) 966 143 483 / 963 741 189


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