Access to the Praia dos Três Castelos ("Three Castles" Beach) is via the stairway down from the Três Castelos viewpoint.
Before going down, pause to admire the splendid view over the sculpted rock formations. You will be able to spot arches, caves and platforms that are greatly appreciated by birds such as falcons, various types of gulls, including black-headed gulls, rock pigeons and swifts.
On the gentler slopes of the cliffs at Três Castelos Beach, you will see plants such as mastic, ice plant and saltbush.
Warm colours abound at this extensive, idyllic and almost deserted beach.

Facilities at Praia dos Três Castelos ("Three Castles" Beach):
- Beach support
- Blue flag
- Water sports centre
- Showers
- Lifeguard
- First-aid post
- WC
- Concessioned area with sunshades

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